Join Casie Danenhauer, DPT, RYT for a workshop exploring the pelvic floor and how to enhance your pelvic health and awareness through yoga. The first portion of the workshop will include a discussion of the anatomy, function, and energetic components of the pelvis.  Common considerations include:
- painful sex
- peri-natal concerns
- painful periods
- bowel or bladder difficulties
- feeling disconnected from your body

A healing vinyasa yoga class focused on incorporating core and pelvic floor awareness will follow.  Come explore how mindful awareness, breathing techniques, and gentle movement can improve your connection to your core and pelvic floor and enhance your life.  

July 23, 2017



Casie Danenhauer is a Doctor of Physical Therapy (PT), yoga instructor, and owner of Enlighten PT: Conscious Care for Pelvic Health in Santa Monica, CA.  She provides a unique and holistic path towards healing for her clients using a balance between western science and an integrative consideration of the physical, emotional, energetic, and spiritual systems.  She leads Yoga for Pelvic Health workshops and retreats throughout the country.

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