Shivakali Yoga offers a 200-hr Vinyasa Flow teacher training. We believe in providing students with a firm ground in modern alignment, anatomical training, sequencing, and approaches to practice, while also immersing students in the ancient spiritual, philosophical and meditative traditions that gave birth to modern Yoga.

This 10-weekend training offers Los Angeles locals a chance to train from the comforts of their own home, while learning to teach a skilled Vinyasa-Flow practice. Along with instructing asana (postures), studying alignment + practice teaching, we will participate in weekly yoga classes of various styles, learn to lead meditation, enjoy chanting kirtan, discuss yoga's philosophical texts, and explore what these teachings mean for ourselves as individuals + for our community as a whole.


Our training progresses over 10 weeks by a map of the chakras, starting at the root and ending with the crown. During the root segment, students will ground their intentions for teaching/practice, and learn the vast history of Yoga from the Vedas through the Upanishads, Buddhism, Yoga Sutras, Bhakti traditions, Tantric Lineages and contemporary Yoga Schools. In the sacral chakra we will uncover the countless layers of the subtle body, learn the principles of Ayurveda, gain an overview of classical Tantra, and practice Yoga Nidra. As we progress through the navel chakra we will explore Yoga's connection with power, fire, and introduce Lakshmi practice & the business of Yoga.

In the heart we will encounter the path of Bhakti (devotional) Yoga, as well as ceremony, prayer and healing. Moving upwards into the throat chakra students will learn about Kashmir Shaivism and the Sanskrit language, pronunciation, principles of chanting, and a wealth of mantra & deity practices. Progressing to the third eye the training becomes increasingly more subtle, as we encounter an array of Yogic meditations, explore Yogic Buddhism, and turn inward in silence. Culminating in the crown, trainees will receive kundalini awakening practices, learn Shakti mantra, Yogic ritual, and receive an initiation into the practice.

Each of our 10 weekends will also include a thorough overview in the anatomy/physiology of Yoga-Asana (postures), a comprehensive outlook on teaching methodology, an intensive dissection of every major and minor pose, workshops on adjustments/alignment, and plenty of time for practice teaching. There will be performances & classes with incredible live musicians during the training, as well as some very special guest teachers to share their wisdom.

Weekend Sample Schedule:

FRIDAYS: 7:00-10:00pm  

SATURDAYS: 12:00-8:00pm

SUNDAYS: 12:00-8:00pm


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*Early Bird Discount Cost: $3,000 with payment in full by JULY 31ST, 2017! (Use code: "Early500" to obtain discounted price online) 

Regular Rate: $3,500 

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